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Audiometric Services

  1. Noise checks – spot checks of short duration are ideal for those people wishing to know and record their noise levels accurately, plus ensure that they comply with the current HSE regulations. Typically for a small factory with between 2 and 10 noise sources and up to around 20 – 30 employees.
  2. Compliance checks – to ensure that you are currently complying with HSE regulations on noise, by correctly protecting your workforce and ensuring that you have sufficient information to effectively defend yourself from future costly employee litigation
  3. Noise surveys – ideal for medium to large size companies. The noise survey is carried out across your premises and a full report is issued including recommendations on the appropriate PPE for your employees. Measurements are taken at various points in your workplace and a complete compliance strategy is formulated. This would include technical interpretation of noise levels and appropriate PPE training for employees in the use and care of their personal protective equipment, ongoing personalized training programmes For refresher courses and new starters – our method offers complete peace of mind for now and in the future!


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